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North Charleston Family Dentistry | Modern Family Dentistry

Drs. Chadwick and Kolmodin are proud to operate as family dentists in North Charleston and Hanahan, South Carolina. Our family-friendly practice welcomes patients of all ages, including kids!
Why We're a Family Practice
Our view is that everyone needs healthy teeth and gums, regardless of whether they're a toddler or in their golden years. After all, if your oral health is suffering, it can be much harder and less to get the nutrients you need in your diet. We understand the link between appearance and self-confidence. We don't want people to feel embarrassed or be singled out because their teeth are in poor shape. Serving as a general, adult, and children's dentist all at once allows us to address a wide range of dental concerns -- it lets us treat everyone equally, bringing us closer to our vision of beautifying every smile.
The Benefits of a Family Approach
When you work with Modern Family Dentistry, our family-friendly approach has multiple advantages:

  • You can schedule appointments for both yourself and your loved ones at one location, eliminating multiple trips and simplifying your calendar. 
  • Children feel more at ease with oral care because they're familiar with our dentists and have other family members to support them.

  • Kids can make habits out of good dental hygiene practices more easily. We can tell you exactly how to help them at home, and they have good models through other family members who visit us.

  • We see the big picture when it comes to dental health. When we have information about siblings, parents and other relatives all together, we can make some assumptions about genetic issues that might cause dental concerns later on.

  • Going to the dentist becomes more normalized and routine. With everyone in the family completing appointments, taking care of the teeth seems far less scary, even as the importance of dental care as part of an overall health plan comes to the forefront.

A Family Dentistry Practice Set Apart
Unlike other practices, Modern Family Dentistry has been serving the community for decades. We've been around for so long that we're a multigenerational office, treating children, their parents and grandparents. We've had time to perfect procedures and figure out which technologies really are worth the money for our patients. Simple strategies, such as making videos, balloons, stickers and a treasure chest available for kids, provide a warm, effective environment where patients feel welcome and optimize their health.
Give Yourself and Your Family the Gift of Great Dental Care!
If you need a family dentist or kids' dentist to get your entire household looking and feeling spectacular, contact Modern Family Dentistry at 1-844-MY-MOUTH, or submit an appointment request with our online form.